Up Wessenden

The Shooting Lodge, Wessenden

The Shooting Lodge, Wessenden

The most adventurous walking route was up the Wessenden Valley. In the 1886 Rates Survey the Halls, farmers of Binn Lodge, were recorded as having a 'Refreshment Room'. Within living memory teas - 'rich repasts' - were served from Wessenden Lodge. George Marsden was probably referring to Wessenden Lodge when he wrote the following advertisement:

Hester’s Retreat
Wessenden Valley
Marsden Near Huddersfield

This magnificent beauty spot in Wessenden Valley is within 1½ miles from Marsden Station, and contains 2 reservoirs, constructed for the Huddersfield corporation waterworks, at a cost of nearly half a million of money, and at one glance can be seen scenery second to none in the north of England.

There are mountain and moorland, rivulet and lake,
Health giving breezes, Fernbank and Brake,
Bracken and heather, shrubbery and tree,
Good road to get there, these are all free
If age or youth, on wheel or foot
Their progress can but stay,
With fresh laid eggs and lemonade,
A trifling sum to pay,
Or; if by hunger being stormed,
And cash is in thy till,
A sandwich try, but pay the score
Then thou may eat thy fill
Recruit thy inward wasting frame,
From nature’s bounteous store,
But; when refreshed, trudge on again,
What mortal can ask more?
There is also 6 acre of splendid woodland, where children can roam at their leisure, on payment of a small sum, and a garrantee [sic] not to interfere with the trees, nor do mischief of any kind (this will be strictly enforced). Parties can be catered for at the farm, but these must be arranged for at least 4 days prior and a deposit paid; particulars of which may be had at

Hester’s Retreat

Lengthened periods can be arranged for.
Sweets, biscuits and confectionery of various kinds etc. etc. etc.

Those braving the stiff climb out of the end of the Wessenden valley sought refreshment at the Isle of Skye Hotel.