Turnpike roads

The Huddersfield to Manchester road was built in 1760. It entered the village down the road from Chain, through Gatehead, along Brougham Road, went along Towngate to Throstle Nest, then to the south of Pule Hill, along Old Mount Road.

Jeffries Map showing Turnpike Road

Jeffries 1771 Map showing the Turnpike Road through Marsden

The Coach road was built by Blind Jack of Knaresborough in 1791. It passed along Carrs Road and Mount Road, to cross the Pennine ridge south of the present Standedge cutting.

The Toll Road followed the same route as the present A62 Manchester Road, passing north of Pule Hill. It was called the Wakefield and Austerlands Toll Road, and was built in 1839. Trenches were cut in the Coach road, to prevent it being used as a free alternative. Tolls were paid at Gilbert's house, near the Great Western pub.