Place names

Information from "English Place Names" 1961 by Kenneth Cameron: Other information from "History of the Colne Valley" by D F E Sykes

OE = Old English; OD = Old Danish; ON = Old Norse

badger = pedlar, often of food
balmforth = foaming or rapid stream
bank = bank or ridge (OD)
bent = a grassy or reddy area
blake = pale in colour
booth = temporary shelter (OD)
carr, or car = land recovered by draining a boggy area (ON)
clough = a valley with steep sides, forming the bed of a stream (OE)
Colne = D F E Sykes equates 'Colne' to the Celtic 'Glyn', meaning a narrow valley
delph = a dug pit or trench
den, or dene = valley, usually wooded (OE)
Eastergate = corruption of Esther. Esther Schofield owned the nearby pub of, the Packhorse Inn
edge = edge or ridge
firth = wood (OE)
fold = enclosed area for animals
gate = street or way (ON)
Golcar = Sykes conjectures that this is a Celtic word for Beacon fire. He also suggests it means the rock of Saint Guthlac (a missionary from the mother church at Dewsbury). This personal name derivation is preferred by Cameron.
greave - grave, or pit
haigh, haugh = hill, usually steep (in OE also a narrow secluded valley)
hey, hay = enclosure (OE)
holme = a piece of flat, low-lying ground near a river, liable to flood (ON)
holt = wood (OE)
ings = Viking word for a marsh or meadow (inga)
intake = land taken in to use from the wilderness
kirk = church
lea, or lee, or ley, or lay = pasture, or untilled land, or meadow (OE)
lin = flax (ON)
lockwood = enclosed woodland
lund = grove of trees
Marsden = Marchdene, boundary valley
moss = moor
owler = alder tree (OE)
royd = Clearing, or field (OE)
scale = summer dwelling
Scapegoat Hill = corruption of Slip-cote, which was a form of cream cheese
scar = rocky outcrop or cliff
Slaith = sloe, blackthorn
syke = a small stream, often dry in summer
thorp = daughter settlement, or farm (OD)
throstle = thrush
thwaite = forest clearing, or meadow in a low situation (ON)
Wilherlee = wild boar lea
worth = enclosure (OE)

Placenames on the 1904 OS Map

This is a list of places and features on the 1904 Ordnance Survey map of Marsden.

Houses, settlements and farms
Acre Head
Bank Top
Binn House
Clark Hill
Clough Lee
Crowther Cottages
Crowther Lathe
Fairfield Cottages
Far Rough Lee
Fen Lee
Gate Head
Gate House
Gladstone Buildings
Glen View
Green Bower
Haigh House
Hard End
Hey Fold
High Lathe
Hollins House
Ing Field House
High Gate
Ing Head
Ing Lees
Inner Hey
Intake Head
Lady Royd
Lane Ings
Lane Syke
Little Fold
Little Holme
Long Fold
New Delight
New Hey x 2
New House x 2
New Ing
Ottiwells House
Owlers End
Ox House
Planes House
Ready Carr House
Rose Hill
Rough Lee
Smithy Holme
Spout Ing
Spring Terrace
Springfield Terrace
The Grange
The Heads
Throstle Nest
Tong Lee
Upper Field Bottom
Well Lane Head
White Lee
White Syke
Wood Gate
Landscape features
Binn Edge
Binn Moor
Brown Hill
Crow Hill
Dirker Bank
Ellen Clough
Hard Hill
Hind Hill
Holme Moor
Piper Stones
Pule Bents
Pule Hill
Purl Clough
Round Hill
Scout Holes
Stone Folds
Top of Scout
Warehouse Hill
Roads and Bridges
Bank Bottom Bridge
Corn Lane
Huck Hill Lane
Ottiwells Bridge Shady Row
Stone Folds Lane
Spring Head Lane