Marsden - Then and Now

Marsden - Then and Now, a photographic journey is a book of photographs of Marsden, showing how the village has changed between the late nineteenth and early twenty-first centuries.

Vintage photographs are juxtaposed with new photographs taken from the same point, so the reader can walk round the village - in reality or in imagination - and recreate 'Bygone Marsden' for themselves. There are also original artist's sketches. The history of each place - be it street, bridge, mill, church, cinema or school, is briefly told in the accompanying text, and care has been taken to make this as accurate as possible. We are proud of the quality of this publication.

If you know and love Marsden, or if your ancestors lived here, you are sure to love this book.

Details of the book
Title: Marsden – Then and Now, 
A Photographic Journey
Publisher: Marsden History Group
Date of publication: December 2008
Pages 80 pages, 75 illustrated
Size: 170 X 235 mm
ISBN Paperback 978-0-9557175-0-5
Hardback 978-0-9557175-1-2
Price: Paperback £5.00
Hardback £7.50 
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Marsden - Then and Now

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