Laithes and looms, cows and combstocks

This book describes what it was like to live - and to die - in the small South Pennine community of Marsden in the two centuries between 1655 and 1855. It is based on research carried out by Marsden History Group on the probate documents of Marsden Manorial Court. 

There are chapters on farming, the domestic textile industry, crafts and trades, transport, Marsden housing and domestic life, family and inheritance, Marsden women, religion and education, and burials.

Details of the book
Title: Laithes and Looms, Cows and Combstocks: 
Living and Dying in Marsden between 1655 and 1855
Author: Hazel Seidel
Publisher: Marsden History Group
Date of publication: November 2013
Pages: 160 pages with 62 illustrations
ISBN 978-0-9557175-3-6
Price: £5.00
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Laithes and looms, cows and combstocks

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