Church Lane widening petition

In 1886, 200 of the 'Ratepayers and Inhabitants of Marsden' signed a petition in support of the widening of Church Lane to facilitate the smooth passage of mill and foundry traffic to the railway station.

Despite the petition and further proposals over the following years, approval for widening the road was not granted until 1924.

The petition, which is almost 2m long, is represented here with its introduction and four sections of signatures. Click on an image to see its enlargement.

You can read a transcription of the petition below.

Church Lane Petition - Introduction
Church Lane Petition - Section 1
Church Lane Petition - Section 2
Church Lane Petition - Section 3
Church Lane Petition - Section 4

Memorial Of The Ratepayers and Inhabitants of Marsden
The Marsden Local Board

We, the undersigned, ratepayers and inhabitants of Marsden, beg respectfully to point out to you the desirability of widening Church Lane.

The following reasons may be stated in support of this Memorial viz:- Church lane being one of the principal thoroughfares of the village, is daily traversed by a large number of the inhabitants in going to and from their employment.

It is also the main thoroughfare for a large portion of the inhabitants, in going to and from the Railway Station, and in addition to the great number of foot passengers, a very large proportion of the goods traffic to and from the Railway Station to the various mills passes through Church Lane. When it is stated that a carefully computed estimate places the traffic at upwards of 18,000 tons annually passing over Church Lane , which at three points of the road is respectively 7 feet, 8 feet and 8 feet 9 inches, it is obvious that its present narrow state in not allowing 2 vehicles to pass each other in a road very much frequented, must necessarily cause much inconvenience and danger.

During the last few years the increased requirements of the village have been more particularly diverted in the direction of Church Lane, rendering the road totally inadequate to accommodate with comfort and safety the traffic which daily passes over it; moreover its being situated in the centre of the village, the improvement would be participated in by the whole population.

Several accidents having already happened it is desirous that the road should be widened with as little delay as possible.

Your Memorialists pray that you will take such steps as may seem advisable to you to obtain a portion of the disused burial ground for the accomplishment of the object, which your Memorialists believe will be a valuable and permanent improvement to the village and add to the comfort and convenience of the whole population.

Name Address Name Address
Section 1
James Crowther & Son Holme Mills Marsden James Woods Church Street
Sykes Dyson Lower Bank Bottom Mill
Jas Marsden John Holden Town Gate
Fred Beaumont Church Lane F W Holroyd Town Gate
Henry Bamforth Town Gate Thomas Hanson Town Gate
Richard H Broadbent Clough Lee David Parkin Town Gate
Mrs Mary Beighton Old Red Lion
John Rowbottom Ingfield House Joseph Beighton Ing Lees Binn
Percival Sykes Town Gate Fred Marsden The Hey
John X His Mark Schofield Brougham Road Hannah X Her Mark Whiteley Kiln
Sarah Sykes Town Gate Jane Dyson Planks
Joseph Bamforth Town Gate Thos E Taylor Field Cottage
Jonathan Ellis Warehouse Hill Thomas Russell Market Place
Richard Beaumont Clough Lee Benjm Holroyd Croft Cottage
Joshua Garside Clough Lee Joe Dyson Bank Cottage
John Gledhill Ing Head Joseph Lunn Spout Ing
George Carter Clough Lee ? Parkin Clark Hill
William Shnott Wood Gate Samuel Whitehead Forrest
Joseph Palmer Clough Lee Wilm Hill Forrest
John Bentley Planks James F Crowther Old Moorcock
James X His Mark Hoyle Planks George Waterhouse Coach And Horses
J Woodhead Clough Lee John Hirst Blake Lee Cottages
C Lawton Clough Lee Sarah Marsden The Hey Marsden
Harry Lewis Clough Lee Wm Holroyd Junction Hotel
Tom Lewis Purrill H Hicks Tunnel End
Hy Mettrick Clough Lee Robinson Blake Lee Cottages
James Kaye Clough Lee Joe Lewis Hay Green
Joseph Pallas Clough Lee Joseph Beresford Tunnel End
John Marsden Clough Lee William Beresford Tunnel End
Eliza Biltcliffe Clough Lee John Schofield Reddisher
Allen X His Mark Gledhill Clough Lee Wm Holroyd Rough Lee
John Shaw Town Gate John Caine Railway Hotel
James Schofield Bank Side
Section 2
James Taylor Ing? James Parkin Park View
Alfred Brrok Hard End Luther Ellis Oliver Lane
James Bamforth Argyle Street Joseph Hellawell Pleasant View
Enoch Taylor Hard End Aaron Whitehead Mount Road
John Armitage Hard End James Lees Brougham Road
? Mickelthwaite Garfield Cottages Arthur Brown Chorley Row
N Peace Ottiwell House John Sykes Hard End
W.H.Sykes Sandhurst Charles Stead Hard End
Geo Armitage Mount Road Tom Lunn Warehouse Hill
Hanson Aspinall Sandhurst William Langly Ottiwells
James Armitage Spout Ing David Sykes Mount Road
Fred Hirst Sandhurst James Arthur Hudson Grove Cottages
Joseph Firth Inghead Ben Gee Gladstone Buildings
W? Carter Binn Arthur Netherwood Green Bower
John Beaumont Sandhurst Cottages George Dyson Hay Green
Joseph Lockwood Home J.M Bamforth Binn House
James William Bentley Well Lane Luther Moorhouse Hard End
John Dyson Derby Terrace Dyson Aspinall Sandhurst Cottages
Edward Gee Sandhurst W.M.Wider Sandhurst Cottages
Noah Wagstaff Hardind Hy Gill Manchester Road
James Bamforth Mount Road Cottages Thomas Pinder Cobden Place
G Wm Rotton Ottiwells France Lawton Oliver Lane
Alfred Barraclough Gaite Head Wm Crowther Binn Lane
Walter Senior Sand Hirst Hestwill Crowther Peel Street
Luke Marsden New Ing Joseph Wrigley Town
Jonathan Hirst Mount Road Tom Sykes Buckley Hill
Ben Lockwood Mount Road Samuel Walker Green Bower
James Mellor Mount Road Joseph Charlesworth Bank Bottom
Firth Cartwright Mount Road
Joseph Hoyle Mount Road Mary Charlesworth Little Holme
Wm. Dyson Gladstone Buildings Robert Taylor Sandhurst Cottages
Section 3
Benjamin Longdew Sandhurst Cottages Martha Horsfall Hard End
James Beals Sandhurst Cottages Ann Sykes Hard End
Betty Shaw Hare And Hounds
Benjamin Schofield Rough Lee Samuel Bamforth Churley Row
Samuel Thorp Fall Lane F.R.Shrigley Ingfiled House
F.W. Bannister Ing Lees Dan Lunn Peel Street
F. Shaw Sandhurst Dan Woodhead Market Place
William Broadbent Beech Cottage John ? Whitehead Market Place
Mary Broadbent Sandhurst Cottages A Kinder Market Place
George Dyson Sandhurst Cottages Ann Marshall Brougham Road
Ephraim Wood Sandhurst Cottages Thomas Haigh Brougham Road
B Hoyle Sandhurst Cottages Allen Shaw Park Cottages
Maria Butterworth Sandhurst Cottages Albert Pearson Holme Mills
Sam Kinder Sandhurst Cottages Sara Hurst Holme Mills
Elias Sykes Binn Lane James Beaumont Holme Mills
John Fielding Bridge End John Dyson Holme Mills
Wm Carter Derby Terrace Charles Shaw Holme Mills
Mary Dodson White Hart Hannah Sykes Holme Mills
Sam Haigh Two Dutchmen Inn James Hulley Holme Mills
James Whitehead Long Fall Joe Cotton Holme Villa
William Bottomley Hard End Wright Sykes Holme Villa
William Bamforth Neatherley James France Rough Lee
Benjamin Schofield Troaves Joseph Holroyd Rose Hill
William Spencer Neatherley Ann Gledhill Rose Hill
Joseph Wood Bank Bottom John Barker Green Bower
Joseph Hall Bank Bottom Joseph France Green Bower
John Broadbent Gladstone Buildings Sarah Liversedge Park View
Godfrey Sharp Bank Bottom
Tom Dyson Bank Bottom Henry Bottomly Bin Lane
Joseph Haigh Bank Top Harriet Shrigley Back New Inn
Hannah Dyson Bank Top Frank Holroyd Garfield Cottages
Seth Schofield Hard End Martha Holroyd Argyle House
H. Proctor Park Gate Matthew Waterhouse Fall Lane
Section 4
John Hartley Shady Grove
J.H.Cotton Gate Head
W.H.Quarmby Gladstone Buildings
Richard Batty Gladstone Buildings
John Quarmby Green
John Barraclough Mount Road
Joseph Kershaw Green Bower
James Lawton Hutlock
Joseph Bamforth Sand Hill
John Hoyle Back Street
William Uttley Owlers
John Backhouse Mount Road
John Marshall Brougham Road