Badger Gate

'Badger' was a pedlar, licensed to buy and sell corn, and Badger Gate is on the road to Meltham, at the edge of the parish, so presumably this was a road used in the distant past by pedlars.

It is a small settlement, hardly more than a farmstead.

For research findings by Hazel Topham, see Badger Gate records 
and Manorial Records and Deeds for Badgergate

1881 Census

Number of households in Badger Gate - 5 + 1 uninhabited Population of Badger Gate - 20
Ave household size - 4 Ave size of nuclear family unit - 3.8
Ave age of household heads - 43.6.7 Number born outside county - 8 (Cheshire, Nottinghamshire)
Percent born outside Marsden - 40% Born outside Colne Valley - 40%
Households with related kin - 1(5%) Wives in paid employment - 0


Quarryman - 1 General labourer - 1
Burler - 1 Mender - 1
Doffer in cotton factory - 1 Feeder - 1
Farmer (7 acres) - 1 Blacksmith - 1

The quarryman could have been working in the local quarries across the road - Chain Quarries or Lingards Wood Quarry. A doffer is a worker in a cotton mill who takes full bobbins off the mule or spinning frame. 

Resident families