Badger Gate Records

Badgergate farm and cottages.

Badgergate now (2005) consists of only two properties, Badgergate Farm, (8 acres) and Badgergate Cottage, formerly three cottages. The farm has a datestone 1726, at one stage in the history there were six or seven properties/households on the site.

It is possible that the Campinots, a well-established local family built the farm in 1726, as they are first recorded there in the Parish Birth Registers in 1759. The family was large and widespread in the Lingards/Badgergate area. Members of the Campinot family remained at Badgergate until between 1861 and 1871, a period of over 100 years. The Campinots left Badgergate before the 1871 census.

From 1759

There were three Campinot families living at Badgergate.

Family 1: William and Sarah and their child Hannah, born at Badgergate 16 09 1759.

Family 2: Joseph and Hannah and their children Mary, born at Lingards 04 06 1752, Hannah born at Lingards 29 06 1754, Martha born at Lingards 06 06 1756, Sarah born at Lingards 16 09 1758 and twins Jonathan and Joseph born at Lingards 18 09 1760, this family moved to Badgergate before four more children were born. These were John born at Badgergate 23 01 1763, Luke, born at Badgergate 25 03 1764, William born at Badgergate 21 12 1766 and James born at Badgergate 27 11 1768.

Family 3: James and Grace from 1794 when their children were born. Sarah born at Badgergate 01 02 1794, Betty born at Badgergate 18 10 1795, Fanny born at Badgergate 09 09 1805 and Ellen born at Badgergate 16 02 1812.

Census records

1841: Joseph Campinot age 34, born at Lingards 22 02 1807, (possibly the son of James and Grace, or the son of another James Campinot) is now living at Badgergate with his wife Margaret 31, and children James 2, and William 6 months. He is described on the census record as a clothier.

James Campinot, (family 3) is now age 72 and his wife Grace is 70, he is described as a yeoman.

1851: Joseph Campinot now age 43 remains at Badgergate, he is now described as a farmer of 8 acres and a weaver on the census record. His wife Margaret 41, is a winder, his son James age 12 is a worker in a cotton mill, William age 10 is a weaver in a mill. There are two more children Hannah 8 and Grace 3.

1861: Joseph Campinot now age 54 is still at Badgergate described as a farmer of 18 acres (? error, it is 8 acres) and a woollen weaver. His wife Margaret, 51, is no longer employed out of the home. His son James has left the home, William now 20 is a woollen weaver, and Grace 13 is described as a farmer's daughter.

1871: the Campinotts have left Badgergate.

Also at Badgergate in 1871

MEDLOCK DAVID age 24, head, labourer waterworks, born Bedford
MEDLOCK MARY age 32, wife, born Doncaster.
DAVIS GEORGE age 41, boarder, labourer waterworks, born Whitworth, Lancs.
JONES THOMAS age 26, boarder, labourer waterworks, born Whitworth, Lancs.
TAYLOR WILLIAM age 25, boarder, labourer waterworks, born Manchester
HORTON THOMAS, boarder, age 29, labourer, born Hale
HARVEY JOHN,boarder, age 28, labourer waterworks, born Norfolk
SMITH SAM, age 25, boarder, labourer waterworks, born Worcester
SMITH ELIZABETH age 27,boarder, wife, born Worcester
JACKSON ALBERT age 34, labourer waterworks, born N.K.

HARBORN GEORGE age 25, blacksmith, head, born Hartlepool, Durham
HARBORN CATHARINE age 25, wife, born Bishop Auckland
HARBORN MARY ANN age 5, born Riccal, Yorks.
HARBORN CHARLES age 8 months, born Marsden

WYATT JOHN, head, age 42, labourer waterworks, born Kings Sutton, Northants.
WYATT SOPHIA age 46, wife, born Silford,? Shillingford, Oxon.
WYATT MARTHA, age 13, born Wednesbury, Staffordshire
WYATT SARAH age 9, born Cannock, Staffordshire
WYATT GEORGE age 4, born Burhamwood, Herts.
DOOLEY JAMES, boarder, age 33, excavator waterworks, born Kings Lynn, Norfolk
SYKES TOM, boarder, age 25, excavator waterworks, born Settle, Yorks.
WATERMAN EDWIN boarder, age 27, labourer waterworks, born Long Ashton, Somerset
BROWN JOHN, boarder, age 30, excavator, born Wincanton, Somerset
WOODGATE C.S.G. boarder, age 27, excavator, born Acton, Suffolk
PRICE EDWIN, boarder, age 20, excavator,born N.Wales. WEBSTER JOHN boarde rage 19,excavator, born Boston, Lincs.

There are 41 adults and 7 children living at Badgergate at this time, in a total of 10 households. All these households are before the Lingards boundary, and therefore taking the Fielding's property, the farm, as reference, must be somewhere on the farm site.

All the itinerant labourers and their families had left Badgergate before the 1881 census. This left the elderly Fielding brother and sister at the farm. The census now records 6 properties at Badgergate, possibly house 6 was part of the farmhouse.

In 1891 there are only 5 properties recorded at Badgergate, a large family, the Haighs, are living at the farm which may be a single house again.

Census 1881


ANDERSON JOHN EDWARD, head, age 26, stone quarryman, born Marsden
ANDERSON HANNAH, age25, wife, born Marsden
ANDERSON FRED, age 1, born Marsden
ANDERSON ARTHUR age 6 weeks, born Marsden


No record at this property, presumably empty.


SMITH THOMAS age 36, head, general labourer ,born Hyde Lane, Cheshire
SMITH ELLEN age 34, wife, born Hyde Lane, Cheshire
SMITH THOMAS age 7, scholar, born Marsden
SMITH JOHN, age 5, scholar, born Marsden


WALDEN RUBEN age 54, head, general labourer, born Walgrave, Notts
WALDEN ELIZABETH age 40, wife, born Walgrave, Notts.
WALDENSARAH age 19, cloth butler, born Notts.
WALDENSAMUEL age 16, cloth mender, born Notts.
WALDENANN age 15, doffer in cotton factory, born Notts.
WALDENDAVID age 14, occ. illegible, born Notts.
WALDENHANNAH age 5 scholar, born Marsden


FIELDING JAMES age 68, head farmer of 8 acres, born Saddleworth
FIELDING MARY ANN age 74, unmarried sister, born Saddleworth


PART OF FARM: DYSON JAMES age 24, headblacksmith, iron, born Slaithwaite
DYSON ELIZABETH age 23, born Marsden
DYSON MARYage 1, born Marsden




HOWARD GEORGE age 44, plasterer's labourer, born Yorkshire
HOWARD EMMA age 42, wife, born Walton, Yorks.
HOWARD MARY ANN age 19. d. woollen feeder, born Hal Iston, Yorks
HOWARD THOMAS age 8, scholar, born Marsden
HOWARD ADA age 7, scholar, born Marsden
HOWARD PRISCILLA age 5, scholar, born Marsden
MEARSCHALE WILLIAM, age 79, father in law, retired platelayer, born Normanton


GEEEDWARD age 34, head, labourer, born Golcar.
GEESARAH ANN age 30, born Walgrave, Notts


EDWARDS EVAN age 53, head, tunnel miner, born Cardiganshire
EDWARDS JANE age 56, born Cardiganshire
EDWARDS SCHARLOTTE age 20, feeder, woollen mill, born Lancashire
EDWARDS RACHEL age 15, feeder woollen mill, born Yorkshire
LOMAX EMMA, visitor age 19, cotton piecer, born Lancashire
LOMAX ELIVINE visitor age 14, house servant, born Lancashire,br>


BROWN FRANK age 40, head, tenmter, farm, born Derbyshire
BROWN SARAH age 37, wife, born Oxfordshire
BROWN FANNY age 10, daughter, born Wiltshire
BROWN JOSEPH age 8, son, born Staffordshire
BROWN VINCENT age 3, son, born Preston
BROWN FUCHSIA age 1, daughter, born Salford
COCKS JOHN age 45, lodger, navvy, plater, born Lancashire
WALTER THOMAS age 24, lodger, navvy, born Kent


HAIGH SAM age 40, head, single, farmer,born Marsden
HAIGH DAN age 38, single, railway pointsman, born Marsden
HAIGH SARAH ANN age 35, d. single, housekeeper, born Marsden
HAIGH JOHN age 33, son, farmer, born Marsden
HAIGH HARRIET age 26, d. woollen burler, born Marsden
HAIGH JANE age 23, d. woollen butler, born Marsden
HAIGH HANNAH age 20, d. woollen butler, born Marsden


Note: Sarah Ann Gee of house 2 came to Badgergate with her parents, Reuben and Elizabeth, from Walgrave, Notts. in 1881, age 19. She has married a local man, Edward Gee, and has remained at Badgergate, but in a different house.



HAIGH SAM age 52, head, unmarried, farmer, born Marsden
HAIGH DAN age 49, brother unmarried, born Marsden
HAIGH SARAH H, age 47, sister unmarried, born Marsden
HAIGH JOHN age 43, farmer's brother unmarried, born Marsden
HAIGH HARRIET age 36, sister unmarried, woollen cloth mender, born Marsden
HAIGH JANE age 36, sister unmarried, woollen cloth mender, born Marsden

Census returns

Badgergate Farm is the last property in Marsden, heading east towards Badger Brook, the boundary with Lingards.

Census 1841


Badgergate Farm

Campinott, Joseph age 34 clothier, born Yorkshire
Campinott, Margaret age 31 born Yorkshire
James Campinott age 2 born Yorkshire
William Campinott age 4m born Yorkshire

Possibly at Badgergate Cottages

James Campinott age 72 yeoman, born Yorkshire
Grace Campinott age 70 born Yorkshire


Census 1851

Badgergate now mentioned as such, but not defined as Badgergate Farm or Cottages

House 1

Joseph Parkin age 36 labourer, born South Crosland
Nanny Parkin age 34 born Lingards
Hannah Parkin age 2 born Marsden
Grace Harrop age 9 stepdaughter, born Marsden
Betty Haigh age 75 widowed mother-in-law, burler, born Linthwaite

House 2

Mary Hoyle age 54 farmer, born Linthwaite
Eliza Hoyle age 20 mill worker, born Marsden
Sarah Ann Hoyle age 18 born Marsden
Mary Hoyle age 16 born Marsden
Emma Hoyle age 14 born Marsden

House 3

William Eccles age 32 cotton twister, born Ripponden
Jane Eccles age 37 born Greetland
Sarah Ann Eccles age 7 born Stainland
Richard Eccles age 10m born Marsden

House 4

Joseph Taylor age 29 hand loom weaver, born Marsden
Sarah Taylor age 26 born Linthwaite
Georgr Taylor age 1 born Marsden
Alice Taylor age 1 born Marsden

House 5 ~ The Farm

Joseph Campinot age 43 farmer of 8 acres and weaver, born Marsden
Margaret Campinot age 41 winder, born N Crosland
James Campinot age 12 cotton mill, born Marsden
William Campinot age 10 woollen mill, born Marsden
Hannah Campinot age 8 born Marsden
Grace Campinot age 3 born Marsden