Adult School

Ready Carr was purchased to house the Adult School in 1915. Before that it had occupied smaller premises which held Sunday morning services for males and Sunday afternoons for females.

Marsden Adult School

From a document dated 1915 showing the purchase of two cottages which had previously been one house and known as Ready Carr House from John Edward Crowther for £600.


Mary ARMITAGE wife of Arthur Armitage of Green Bower, waste merchant
Ellen ASPINALL wife of John Fullerton Aspinall of Inner Hey, Doctor of Medicine
Edith BAGLEY of Rough Lea spinster, Clerk
Merab Anne CROWTHER of Stanley House spinster (48yrs, living with her brother, James B. Crowther, woollen cloth manufacturer)
Alice DEAN of Stonecroft spinster, cloth mender
Kate Adeline Clifton FISHER wife of Charles Harold Fisher of Lingards Wood House, woollen manufacturer
Emmeline KINDER wife of Samuel Whitehead Kinder of Grove Cottages, delver
Louisa NOBLE of Springfield Terrace spinster, weaver
Mary Hannah WILD of Glenroyd widow
Erased Hannah WHITELY wife of Samuel Whiteley of Station Road, tailor
Herbert BEAUMONT of Peel Street, outfitter's assistant
John Joseph GARSIDE of Ottiwells Terrace, weaver
Dan LUNN of Peel Street, butcher Erased Walker METTRICK of Glenroyd, insurance assistant Superintendant
William SHAW of Wharf House, stonemason
James Herman STOTT of Willow Bank, cloth finisher
Harry SYKES of Ottiwells Terrace, warehouseman
Tom UTTLEY of Lane Syke, weaver
Tom WHITELEY of Pinewood House, estate agent
Joseph WILKINSON of Carrs House, joiner
Frank Crowther WILKINSON of Ing Lees, mill manager


Ellen Aspinall, Alice Dean, Emmeline Kinder, Herbert Beaumont;, James Herman Stott, Harry Sykes, Tom Uttley, Joseph Wilkinson and Edith Bagley +
Martha BRADBURY of Shaw Terrace widow
Louie BRADFORD wife of Fred Bradford of Carts Street, weaver
Elizabeth Ann BROOK of Ottiwells Terrace widow
Emily MARSDEN wife of John William Marsden of Warrington Terrace, power loom tuner
Mary Ann NEWMAN of Carrs Street widow
Sarah Ann PEARSON wife of Jonathan Pearson of Little Holme, lodginghouse keeper
Lily POGSON wife of Joseph Pogson of Warrington Terrace, railway platelayer
Ellen Robertson SHAW of Wharf House spinster Kathleen SHAW wife of William Shaw of Wharfe House, stonemason
Isabella WILKINSON wife of the said Joseph Wilkinson
Fred ALLIS of Planks
Charles CLARKE of Binn
Edward COPLEY of Derby Terrace, weaver
Henry HOYLE of Brougham Road, twister-in
Edward JONES of Grange Avenue, dyer' s labourer
Willie LUMB of Colne Crescent, weaver
Norman SCHOFIELD of Green Bower, weaver
James Robertson SHAW of Wharf House, labourer
John Francis TURNER of Sherbrook Cottages, gardener
Hannah WHITELEY wife of Samuel Whiteley of Station Road, tailor.



Indenture of Conveyance made between John Edward Crowther and the Trustees for:
"Two dwellinghouses (now converted into an Adult School and Institute and Caretakers House on the south east side of old Manchester Road (formerly in one dwellinghouse and known by the name of Ready Cart) and lately in the occupations of Edward Haigh Taylor and George Robert Taylor and the gardens and buildings thereto belonging and containing an area of one rood and five and three quarter perches."

The buildings could be used by people who, in the opinion of the committee "shall be sober and industrious and of good character ... without regard to their political or religious opinions".

The buildings could be used "to promote temperance and no intoxicating liquors shall be sold or brought into the building". Gambling and betting were also forbidden on the premises.

All Adult Schools were affiliated to the National Council of Adult School Unions and were wholly maintained by voluntary contributions.

Prior to the purchase of Ready Carr the Adult School had occupied smaller premises. The new building allowed more extensive activities. "The Adult School has hitherto held services on Sunday mornings for males and on Sunday afternoons for females and sometimes joint services were held and the former school buildings were used during the week and on some parts of Sundays as an Institute but the newly acquired premises being larger may permit of simultaneous services and uses."

Ready Carr House was subject to a mortgage of £600 from the Huddersfield Equitable Permanent Building Society.

NB Edward Haigh Taylor and George Robert Taylor who had previously lived in the two dwellings created out of Ready Carr House were the sons of Enoch Taylor, Ironfounder who had also lived there himself.

Judi Thorpe March 2005