Marsden time line

Reproduced from Marsden, a Journey Through Time

c7000 BC Early Mesolithic hunters present on moors above Marsden
2100 - 750BC Bronze Age
c79 AD Roman Road built through Marsden
1068 Marchesden awarded to Ilbert de Laci by William I
c1450 St. Bartholomew's first church built in Towngate, was `dilapidated` by 1480
1499 Marsden becomes a manor in its own right
1560 Corn Mill present in middle of village
c1600 White Hart (originally called The Hare and Hounds) in Towngate, delicensed in 1910
1616 Manor House at Highgate
1616 The Hill at West Slaithwaite near Nathans
1641 House off Old Mount Road inscribed IMMI 1641
1666 Hearth Tax Returns show 82 houses with hearths
1679 Date stone at rear of 23 Towngate
1670 Higher Green Owlers at the top of Blakelea Lane in The Dean
1670 White Hull Farm below Higher Green Owlers
1671 Green Top at Pule Side
1673 Clark Hill off Old Mount Rd.
1683 Date stone on now demolished house in Chapel Fold, off Church Lane
1685 Berry Greave Farm
1710 Hey Green Fulling Mill - first textile mill
1711 Binn Lodge near the top of Binn Road
c1721 Towngate Bridge
1722 Far Owlers, on Redbrook Clough below Manchester Road
c1725 The Old Ram Inn at the top of Towngate demolished 1926
1739 Smithy Holme on Marsden Lane
1738 Towngate began to be developed. Date stones on now demolished houses, 1751/52/56/62
1738 17 Towngate
1738 Upper Green Owlers
1739 Hill Top at Binn
1743 Lower Green Owlers on Blakelea Lane
c1745 Planks. Demolition began 1937
1746 Troaves Farm
1751 Binn Lodge Farm
1753 Carr Farm
1754 The Hill, between Meltham Road and Manchester Road
c1756 The Hall (Chapel House), Towngate
1758 Nathans at West Slaithwaite
c1760 First Turnpike route opened
1761 St. Bartholomew`s rebuilt - outline of building still visible on the green space in Towngate
1762 Two Dutchmen in Towngate - demolished 1962
1763 The Green cottages
1772 Stubbin Farm on road linking Manchester Road with Carrs Road
1773 Steep Farm near bottom of Meltham Road
1773 White Lea off Manchester Road
1776 Binn Lodge
c1780 Turnpike opened along Carrs Road - 2nd route
c1780 Ottiwells Bridge
1780 Old New Inn, rebuilt in 1840
1780 Old Housend now called Owlers End Farm, Binn Road
c1780 Tommy Mellor's Bridge linking The Green with Clough Lea
1780 Clough Lea cottages
1785 Frank Mill off Brougham Road - original mill of this name demolished 1901
1787 Red Lion in Market Place
1790 Wessenden Old Reservoir
c1790 Upper Bank Bottom Mill
1793 Ottiwells Mill
1793 Ottiwells House, built as a coaching inn called The George
c1795Corn Mill established at Hey Green
1797 Idle Row cottages - later named Brougham Road
1798 Clough Lea cotton mill rebuilt 1841
1798 Graveyard in Towngate raised to accommodate unprecedented number of burials
1798/99 Snailhorn Bridge replaced 1891
1798 The Factory/Silk Mill on Warehouse Hill, demolished 1938
1798 Upper End Mill at Lakeside
c1800New Mill off Brougham Road - original mill of this name
c1800 Enoch & James Taylor establish blacksmith business in Goodalls Yard off Brougham Road
1807 Congregational Church, Buckley Hill, rebuilt on present site and again rebuilt in 1931
1807 Sparth Reservoir completed
1807 Black Moss Reservoir under construction
c1810 George and Dragon in Goodalls Yard off Brougham Road
1811 Standedge Canal tunnel opened
1812 Luddite riots, William Horsfall murdered
1820 Town School on Brougham Road, rebuilt 1877 and enlarged in 1902
1824 Wesleyan Methodist Chapel built on Brougham Road rebuilt 1871, demolished 1968
1828 Redbrook Reservoir extended
1829 Church School built on site of present lych gate demolished 1928
1830 Vicarage built, enlarged in 1854
1832 March Haigh Reservoir completed
1835 William Johnstone`s first shop at Bridge End, later moved to Peel Street
1838 New Inn on Manchester Road
1839 Turnpike, third route completed (A62)
1839 Hey Green Bridge
c1840s Sherbrooke Cottages, Manchester Road
1841 Middle Mill on Clough Lea rebuilt on site of earlier mill, demolished in 1996
1842 Wessenden Reservoir enlarged to 19 acres
1849 First railway tunnel opened
1849 Railway Station opened
1852 New burial ground consecrated
1856 National School built at bottom of Old Mount Road, demolished 1967
1856 Gas Works built next to old Ambulance Station on Manchester Road, demolished in 1970s
1861 Union Bridge
1861 Mechanics' Institute
1863 Idle Row renamed Brougham Road
1866 Foundation for new Parish Church - work suspended for 28 yrs
c1870 William Johnstone`s emporium on Peel Street, now the Riverhead Tap and the Wine Bank
1871 New Wesleyan Church built on site of old one in Brougham Road
1871 Second Railway tunnel opened
1874 Thimble Street renamed Argyle Street
1874 Liberal Club on Peel Street, enlarged in 1905
1875 Fall Lane widened and Taylor's Bridge built linking Fall Lane with Towngate
1876 Towngate Bridge rebuilt as now
1879 Derby Terrace, Brougham Road
1881 Wessenden Head Reservoir (1877-1881)
1888 Marsden-in-Almondbury and Marsden-in-Huddersfield united into one parish
1890 Congregational Sunday School, Buckley Hill converted into flats in 2007
1891 Snailhorn Bridge replaced with realignment as now
1898 Peel Street developed on east side
1894 Third (double track) Railway tunnel opened
1894 Waterworks tram road built to carry puddle clay to Blakeley and Butterley reservoir dams
1895 St. Bartholomew's Church consecrated on new site, Bell Tower 1910, Baptistry 1911
1896 Co-op, Market Place
1897 Old burial ground in Towngate closed
c1900 Market Walk terrace housing
1902 Grange Cottages
1904 Blakeley Reservoir completed
1904 New shops in Market Place on site of older shops
1904 Leatholm Royd on Manchester Road
1905 Bank Bottom Dining Room
1906 Butterley Reservoir (1901 -1906)
1906 New Mills on Brougham Road extended over the river
1908 Conservative Club, Victoria Street
1908 Ottiwells House demolished
1909 Fire Station, Manchester Road
1910 Sunny Lea, Manchester Road
1910 Council School, Manchester Road
1911 Socialist Club, Manchester Road
1911 Lower Plains housing
1911 Co-op Stables on Warehouse Hill, now Cavendish Court
1912 Marsden Park
1913 Lower Bank Bottom Mill demolished
1918 Electric Theatre, closed 1975
1914 Ambulance Station, adjacent to Fire Station, Manchester Road
1914 Electric tram service extended to Marsden
1923 Shakespeare Inn on Peel Street, replacing an older inn built nearby but lower down
1925 The Old Ram Inn closed
1928 Church School, The Old Ram, Hall etc demolished
c1935 Woods Council Estate off Meltham Road
1944 Canal closed to traffic
c1950 Dirker Council Estate above Marsden Lane
1957 Netherley Council Estate off Mount Road
1960s Buildings on western side of Towngate demolished and old churchyard laid out as gardens
1960s Wessen Court, Towngate
1967 National School demolished
1974 Houses on river side of Argyle Street demolished
2001 Canal reopened
Extensive private housing estates above Carrs Road and Clough Lea, etc and ribbon development along Stubbin Road, Meltham Road, Waters Road and Marsden Lane