The Diary of John Holroyd of Tunnel End

These diary notes were lent to the MLHG by Margaret Leyland, John Holroyd's great grand-daughter. The pencil notes have been transcribed by Judi Thorpe - all the original spellings etc have been kept. The date entries are in the original order.

These entries were written by John Holroyd from February 1870 when he started to work in the Wool Road Warehouse situated near the canal between Diggle and UpperMill.

He worked for the canal company and also kept and traded in sheep. Canal boats were built and repaired in the warehouse.

In December 1879 he moved to Tunnel End Cottages at the canal tunnel mouth where he remained working on the repair and upkeep of the canal. The cottage in which he lived had a telegraph used to control the safe use of the tunnel.

His daughter, Ada married Harry Swallow from Scholes. Their daughter, Clara Swallow who worked in the office of Marsden Co-op married Will Shaw Sykes. Their daughter, Margaret married Douglas Leyland, the grandson of the founder of The Electric Cinema.

February 1st 1870. John Holroyd. Book. Marsden

February 28th 1870 John Holroyd came to Wool Road Warehouse
New Waterworks at Deerhill begun in 1870
Red Brook shaft repaired
October 20th 1871 Removed to Ivy House, Wool Road
October 29th 1871 Brought 5 ewes to Brown hill
Directions Mr Henry Johnson. Swan Lane Colliery, nr Wigan
Mr John Hilton. Denton Lane, Hollingwood, nr Manchester
May 25 1871 Thomas Bolton Died
May 10 1871 James Broadbent Died
1872 Strike of navvies at the works
February 11th 1872 James Pogson Black ewe died
May 9th 1872 Right Mayhall killed
April 14th 1872 Benjamin Hall married
February 15th 1872 Great flood at Saddleworth
Do 16th 1872 Josiah Hatton Got Lamed
October 5th 1872 Samuel Dyson Sheep Worried
December 10th 1872 James Pogsons Sheep Killed by Ramsden dog
January 28th 1873 James Sykes. Holthead. Died
January 27th 1873 John Hall began to work on canal
Feb 3rd John Holroyd White face ewe Died
April 6th Dispute between Bradbury Co and Frenches
June 1873 Samuel Dowse Died
June 28 1873 Widow Schofield Died
September 2nd 1873 Lost One Lamb
August 14 1873 New Smiths Shop Open for work
Sept 22 1873 James Buckley. Peters Hurt at Coop Uppermill
Sept 23 1873 Sold Wool to Robert Heap
Nov 12 1873 Bought of Robert Ashley 72 Load of potatoes 63d
Nov 5 1873 Stone 6 feet square 7 tons on the wharf
Nov 6 1873 Took the winter pasture of the Officer £3
Nov 1873 Took pasture land belonging to Hunger 15s
Nov 16 1873 John Whiteley found dead in binn Lane
Nov 18 1873 (deleted) found dead in canal at Slaithwaite
Nov 18 1873 New mill at Stone Bottom started to build
Dec 26 1873 John Harkers boat weighed in 10s
Jan 15 1874 Sarah Bulmer Boat weighed in 10s
January 25 1874 James Whitehead Died
February 10 1874 Polling day at Upper Mill for Countey Voters
Feb 14 1874 Received from George Wright £1.5.0 for Sheep
Feb 18 1874 Sam Broadhead brought 30 Sheep on to arropedge
April 3rd 1874 2 ewes died. 1 at Woolroad. 1 at yewtree
May 7 1874 Joseph Hurst Boat Weighed in
June 19 1875 Sold 2 Lambs to J Norton StaleyBridge
July 18 1875 George Pogson Went to Dry Bridge
Dec 24 1875 John Sykes Holly Grove Died
Dec 24 1875 John Hall Died my House
Dec 28 1875 Joseph Whiteley Died
Nov 1875 Sold Robert Shaw wool
Dec 1875 Barnsley Colliery Explosion
June 1876 Right Hinchcliffe Killed his wife
August 1876 and took his trial at Leeds assises
Oct 9 1876 James Hollingworth son died
Sept 1876 James Pogson Married his third wife
Sept 25 1876 John Holroyd sold 1 ewe and 2 lambs
October 1876 Edward Hinchcliffe Died
Sept 31st 1876 John Brierley Married his second wife
The canal between Ashton & Huddersfield opened for trafic 1798 the tunnel opened 1811
1877 New Boat Albert Built at Wool Road
Feb 28 1879 Mr J Hirst son Alfred Died
March 5th Buried
1879 T Kershaw Bought Land at Wool road at Uppermill for £66ox
1879 Work done at Great Western Clough
1879 removed to tunnel End December
1879 Bought 7 ewes at Meltham fair
1880 The Work done at March Haigh
1880 The strike at Hutchesons and Hollingworth
1880 The election was in April
1880 The stoppage in the tunnel was March 18. 3 days
May 1880 Bought Black E of G Pogson
1880 Summered 4 ewes and 8 Lambs at S Midwood
January 1880 Daniel Wood received notice to leave Redbrook farm
June 1880 G Dyson & J Waterhouse took Walling top Reservoir
Oct 1880 Bought 7 Hogs at Meltham fair on G Taylor & S Gartside
Oct 20 1880 First Snow fell on Wedensday
Oct 27 1880 Great snow fell on Wedensday
Oct 25 1880 Sent Sheep to Derbyshire to winter
Oct 1880 G Dyson Child died on 30th Oct
Nov 6 & 7 1880 Put New top and Bottom Gates in at Ashton
8 Nov 1880 Commenced to clean the watercourse at clouse Gate
9 Nov 1880 James Shaw Buried at Church from Scout
9 Nov 1880 Mary Halstead Buried at Church from Hardend
7 Nov 1880 Daniel Wood Gave up Land at Redbrooke
7 Nov 1880 G Robinson Took up Land at Red Brook
Dec 1880 Finished Work at March Haigh
Dec 5 1880 Thomas Bradbury Took sheep of arropEdge
Dec 25 1880 Greenwood Schofield went to Shelley to Sheep

Dec 20 1880 Gerorge Pogson went back to Dry Bridge
January 14 1881 Finished the wall at Western in croft
Feb 1881 Wall set 1st Pool Huddersfield
Febr 1881 Wall finished at Watercourse side below Starkeys
Feb 9 1881 Boiler Explosion at Arnolds foundry. Paddock
Feb 9 1881 John Hutchinson Removed from Diggle to Lightcliffe.Brighouse Area
April 10 1881 Polled Ewe died & 1 ewe drowned in Lock Wool road
May 1881 Law suit with James Schofield at Uppermill
June 1881 Whitsun Stoppage at 10 Lock Black Rock
June 1881 James Gill Killed on Line at Saddleworth
June 17 1881 Found a Man drowned in Brunclough Reservoir
April 1881 George Pogson Bought Sheep from James Parr
Aug 1881 Repaired Wall on the Reservoir Bank Redbrooke
Aug 14 1881 Brought 1 tup & 4 Lambs to Gilberts
Nov 13 1881 W Bolton took Sheep on to Wharmton
Nov 26 1881 J Kenworthy & Wife and child drowned at Derby Rishworth
Dec 3 1881 The Mother & 3 Children drowned at Syke Bottom
30th Dec 16 1881 2 Guage of water run from Reservoir to the 30th
Dec 30 1881 for repairs of the tap run 15 feet down
May 6 1882 Lord Cavendish & Mr Burke killed in Ireland
May 13 Joseph Holroyd loger Died
May 22 James Bamforth Hirst on the canal Died same night
June 1882 Stoppage at Booth Lock Sparth Lock and Wood Side
June 1882 Pipes Laid from Bottom Lock to Dewhirst Works
Oct 1882 Wall at Bottom Lock Built up
Oct 1882 Wall at Basin Coalyard begun
Dec 6 1882 Great Snow fell on wedensday Night
Dec 6 1882 H Pogson Lost in the Snow
January 18th 1883 Stopage on Broad canal at Cinderfield Dyke
January 1883 Wall at Longroyd Bridge put up
January 22 1883 William Marsden Married
Oct 1883 Crane at Huddersfield Basin put up
Oct 1883 Sent 8 lambs to Shelley
1883 Stone breakin Machine commenced work
Dec 1883 Wall in Easter Gate put up by F Sykes & Co
Dec 1883 The Road at Junction altered by the Local
Board. July 2 & 3, 7 & 8 1883 The Dam at Corn Mill drawn off
July 1883 New Wall at Redbrook Reservoir built
July 19 1883 Canal stopt for water
July 18 1883 Tap Repaired at Swillens from top of plate to top of spindle 9 and 5/8 inch
Aug 29 1883 Tap Repaired at Haigh
Aug 25 1883 Took land at Gilberts
Aug & Sept 1884 Little Black Moss Reservoirs Emptied out
Nov 30 1884 First Snow fell
Dec 10 1885 First Snow fell
Oct 1888 2 inches of Snow fell
Nov 1888 Cleaned Mill Owners goit out at tunnel End January 1889 Commenced tom pull the Welle stones up waters
July 1889 Surveyors of Leveler Came to Reservoirs
Nov 1889 New wall set at Western
Nov 1889 New fence set in the waters road
Feb 1890 New wire fence put up waters road
May 1890 Stoppage at 1st Lock Milnesbridge
May 15 1890 Measured for New tap at Swillans
Nov 28 1890 First Shot fired in the tunnel
January 1 & 2 1891 New tap put on at Swillans Reservoir